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Let the world spin on while the we rest in the Morning Coffee Cups Around the world. Fake hit peaces by the writers in the house are nothing more than SMOKESCREENS & who cares if Q is FAKE! - Corruption is real. USA #WHMOLES #Leakers #Liers #CowBoyUp #Forsure #WHMOLES #Leakers #Liers #CowBoyUp #Forsure Have you heard If there is a real one in the world - they will see this and it will be the proof that past proves present... someday! We posted "2 For Breakfast" because it is

Day 1 - Recap & Show Notes - What Happened?

"Declared Over!" The people mount a move to proclaim the WAR on Trump Over! #DeclaredOver #StopTheWarOnTrump PASS TO TO A FRIEND IF YOU AGREE AND SEEK THE SAME - USA About the Movement "DECLARED OVER" ((SHARE & LIKE)) Make your declaration and speak up! Let it be know that you think the Mueller Witch Hunt and war an Trump be ended. #Mueller1st #WitchHunt The movement to say to the world that voters and citizens of the USA now declare that the war on their elected president b

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We are offering you a few back channels to subscribe to that will help you find us in case there is a reason that we are not on AMERICAN Reviews. Cover Up Clean Up YouTube Channel & "TheSpyGate" on Facebook It's long Name on Facebook is: CoverUpCleanUp - Now We Call It SpyGate Tags: #CoverUpCleanUp #CUCU #CleanUpCoverUp (for Phase II) AOPUS NonStop News YouTube Channel - See also Non Stop on Facebook https://www.youtub

August 15 to 18 Show Notes - Highlights and Moore!

This is real good! #CoverupCleanUp What can you do? Here is what someone else contributed to the solution of a crime - remember the accident? YES=SOLVED As if football even matters -KW- Start A National Dialog and work it out. #WeStand NFL 2018 SPONSORS: News America Marketing, Pepsi, Budweiser, Proctor a

We Are - Counting the Days! #WeAre*

Many people all across the nation are watching the events as they unfold and know that US. History is being made. Some are not believing that the nation has slipped into such disarray! The movements are many and the issues are numerous. America itself in in tatters and we have not even gone to a civil war position. We sure hope that does not have to happen to begin seeing a better and more positive view of America com forth. There are my ways to look at the need for a nation