Our Mission

  1. "Friends Working with Friends for a Common Outcome!"
  2. WWG1WGA
  3. "This is a new kind of Digital War Like No Other!" 
  4. "Do What You Do Best!"
  5. "Who's War is it?"
  6. "For Human Kind"
  7. "Not A Party Thing!"
  8. #Dontbefooled 

The 8 Mission Points Above

Each one of these points should align up with the rules of integrity and honor of a common decent human nature. 

We are doing this because it's right by man and good for humanity. 

We, as an entity are an elected few and selected many. GOD has his hand us who both have faith and those who need to learn the faith that it takes to muster up strength to endure until the end of any battle. It's not a conventional battle at this point may not need to become one at all.

Only Time

Yes, it's only time that will tell in the long run of things. No matter what all should be ... well prepared & pray.

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